ZArchiver Apk For Android 2022 [Latest Version 1.0.4]

 Z-Archiver Apk

The Android/iOS app Z-Archiver is used to compress and decompress files, folders, photos, apk files, and other kinds of documents. The program enables us to share many documents by consolidating them into a single file.

ZArchiver Apk Latest Version

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ZArchiver is an effective archive management tool with an easy UI. With ZAchiver, we may compress files in a variety of formats, including tar.xz, zip, XZ, lz4, deb, rpm, zipx, mtz, bzip2, gzip, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar, tgz, tbz, Z, deb, lzip, zst (zstd) and more. The program gave us the option to password-protect the file we want to compress.

ZArchiver Apk Latest Version

Z-Archiver Uses

The Z-Archiver app is used to combine multiple separate files or documents into a single file that can be in the zip or rar format. The main purpose of the ZArchiver software is to combine numerous separate documents into a single file, making it simpler to send or receive multiple documents as a single file.

Additionally, the app may be used to secure files by giving them a password. The app lets us add a password to a zip file, giving us the assurance that the file is secure because only the person who set the password can access it.

ZArchiver Apk Latest Version

Advantages of Z Archiver App

ZArchiver is the most useful app for smartphone users because managing many different individual documents on a device is very challenging, especially when trying to find something on a device. However, the ZArchiver app allows us to combine many documents into one by making it a zip file, and the app also allows us to password-protect that file.

ZArchiver Apk Latest Version

How to make files secure

Go to your Z Archiver app and find the folder or any other type of document you need to secure. Once you have found the file, folder, or apk file, long press on it until you are not seeing a compression option. Simply click the file compression option when you see it and enter a password. After all, if you press the button below that says "compress," the file will be compressed shortly.

How Z Archiver app?

Now that you can simply compress any document on your system into a compact retrievable file, anyone looking for a trustworthy document producer and maker for their Android device no longer needs to worry. may benefit from this application Minimize the online papers you recently received without any issues at the same time.

ZArchiver Apk Latest Version

When ZArchiver is required?

You need the ZArchiver program if you get a document that is packaged in a ZIP, RAR, or other format and you want to view it. On an Android device, the app can be used to decompress any Zip, Rar, or other forms of document. Currently, Z-Archiver is the only safe app that can assist you in compressing or decompressing any file on any Android, iOS, or PC.

Features Of  Z-Archiver

  • We can use the app to secure the compressed file with a password.
  • Easy to create your own achieve files.
  • Any file can be instantly decompressed.
  • Compressed many documents in a single zip or rar file.
  • The app offers both a light and a dark theme.
  • Open the zip file.
  • Open rar files in a second.
  • Create compressed files in the following formats tar.gz, tar.xz, tar.Iz4, zip, rar, and 7z.

ZArchiver Apk Latest Version


In my opinion, we use a lot of compressed files in our daily lives because they are convenient to share, we can store an unlimited amount of data in a compressed zip or rar file, and we can password-protect those compressed files, making the Z archiver the most valuable app for Android, iOS, and PC devices. Finally, there are thousands of archiving apps available on Google, but ZArchiver is the most reliable software ever and is currently used by more than 100 million users. Consequently, I recommend selecting the ZArchiver app if you want to use the archiving tool.

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