Modern Warships Version 0.60.0 Apk [Latest Version]

Modern Warships Apk

The first sea battle game with a multiplayer option is Modern Warships. In a multiplayer game, you can play a friendly match with your friends. You may play the most powerful Warships game right now. In the online sea battle game Modern Warships, you take on the role of a ship captain and must defeat your adversaries. In some missions, though, you must do so while defending your allies.

modern warships latest version apk

App Info.

App Name

Modern Warships


641 MB



Android 4.4 Or Up

Updated On

20 JAN 2023

The most interesting part of this game is that all of the ships are modeled like actual battleships and that all of the weapons look authentic. Because of this, millions of people play this sea battle game worldwide.

Finding Enemies and Rank up

You are a member of two groups with two unique boats on modern battleships. After then, you and your teammates must defeat the opposition. You merely need to tap or long-press the button you can see on the phone screen to control your boat. The enemy always appears on your radar at the top of the mobile screen, making it too simple to locate them. Therefore, all that is required of you is to get there and eliminate every enemy; as soon as you do so, your level will rise, enabling you to purchase more ships in order to complete the ensuing missions.

modern warships latest version apk

Modern Warships: New Updates

Previously, the game could only be played on PCs, but fortunately, you can now play it with more features on your Android, iOS, and tablets. The is created by shrinking versions of PC software for mobile devices. The game gives us the option to manually choose the graphics so that players of low-end devices can also enjoy a smooth gaming experience. After the recent updates, the graphic quality has drastically improved, and the game now has a large number of new ships.

Gameplay Controls

You can locate your enemies and eliminate them by using the map you can see in the upper left corner of your screen when the game first begins. The four arrows in the bottom left corner of the screen are used to move your ship forward, backward, left, and right. On the right side of the screen are attack buttons with a telescope, which are all used to hit the adversaries. While doing all of this, you must avoid the explosives that your enemies are throwing at you.

modern warships latest version apk

Is Modern Warships multiplayer game?

Yes, you can play the game with your friends, but you can also play difficult missions, where you must defeat your enemies with the help of your team.

Is modern warships available on PC?

The game is available for PC, yes. Your game can be installed and played on a computer. You can play modern warships games on your computer. You only need to install the BlueStacks software on your PC to play modern warships on it.

modern warships latest version apk


A powerful online multiplayer game for sea battles called Modern Warships is available for you to play with your friends. You can also play a challenging game in which you have to do a variety of duties. In some missions, you must defeat your enemies, while in others, you must guard your companions until they arrive at their destination. You should try it because I can assure you that you will enjoy this game completely.

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