Game Guardian 101.1 Free for Android 2023 Full Review [Latest Version]

Game Guardian Apk: Full Review

Game Guardian is a tool that may be used to change the game files to add new characters, objects, or other features. The tool that is used for modifying APKs (Android apps) on your Android/IOS device.

Game guardian latest version no root


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Game Guardian






Android 4.0 Or Above


29 January 2023





Does Game Guardian work on any game?

No, Game Guardian won't work on every game but it works on many games. It also works on popular games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and many others games, but since PUBG has a high level of security, the cheater was immediately banned after using it a few times (Sometimes after a few minutes and sometimes after a few days).

Is Game Guardian safe?

Yes, the Game Guardian app is completely safe there is nothing to worry about it.

Now let me explain in detail why everyone is scared to install the GameGuardian app on their devices.

Every user of the Game Guardian app wonders, "Is Game Guardian a Safe App?" since after installing the app on their smartphone, they start receiving notifications about potentially unsafe apps. Why do they receive a message that this application is harmful? The answer is that Because we are installing this software via third-party sources rather than the Play Store, it is not available there.

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Is Game Guardian illegal?

Since the Game Guardian app is used to make premium software features available for free, using it is technically illegal. It is illegal to use purchased software for free without the developer's consent.

Also prohibited is app modification without developer consent.

The Game Guardian's creator made an app exclusively for educational reasons only.

Is Game Guardian legal?

No, it is not legal, because the app allows you to access commercial software features for free. By modifying the app, you may change premium features at no cost that's why this is not legal to use the game guardian app.

Is game guardian available on iOS?

Yes, both Android and iOS devices may use the Game Guardian (GG) app. The GG app is also available for iOS installation. The software functions similarly on both Android and iOS devices; however, users of non-rooted Android devices must run Game Guardian through the Virtual Space or Parallel Space app, whereas users of rooted Android devices may use GG directly on their devices.

Is Root necessary for Game Guardian?

No, the root is not necessary for the Game Guardian app. You may use the Game Guardian app with the help of a third-party program, such as Parallel Space or Virtual Space 10 GTUS, but without a root, there are numerous restrictions, meaning you can't utilise many functions of the GG app.

Best Parallel Space for Game Guardian

As I already mentioned, if you want to use the Game Guardian app on your non-rooted device you must use a third-party app like Virtual Space 10 GT US or the Parallel Space app. As an expert, I highly recommend you use the Virtual Space 10 GT US app because it is the best app that works on all the latest android devices. Virtual Space 10 GT US is the first app that works on android 10, android 11, and android 12. I'm also an android 11 user and I personally prefer Virtual Space 10 GT US to run Game Guardian on my phone.

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Does Game Guardian have a virus?

No, Game Guardian does not have any viruses; using the app is entirely secure and safe. I'm a YouTuber and app developer, and I've personally modified many apps using the Game Guardian app (Educational Purposes).

Does Game Guardian work in online games?

Yes, it works. Game Guardian works on both online and offline games. I tested the GG app on Dream League Soccer 2022 and other well-known online games, and it worked well on all of them.

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