CALL OF DUTY (COD) For Android/iOS Latest Version Update


Call of duty also known as COD is a video game that doesn't need any payment to install and is easily accessible by anyone all over the world, it is a shooting game that is published by Activision (an American publisher) and developed by Timi studio group (a video game developing group) is a video game in which you can sign in and play it with different people from the world.

CALL OF DUTY (COD) For Android/iOS Latest Version Update

App Info.

App Name

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 11


2.40 GB






01 JAN 2023


Android 4.0 or Above

You can choose between playing ranked and unranked matches in this game. You can earn credits by performing well in the game and earning good points, or you can use real-world currency (such as dollars, rupees, or any other currency) to purchase achievements. If you want to play with your in-game friends or only a select group of people, they also offer you a private room. You can add your friends by simply sending them an invitation, and you can then play in any mode you like.

CALL OF DUTY (COD) For Android/iOS Latest Version Update

They have a variety of game modes, including zombies, multiplayer, and royal battle. Let's explore these modes and discover what they are:

Royal battle

The royal battle is a mode in which you choose a map and whether you want to play solo, dual, or with four teammates, and then confirm that you are ready. After that, the server connects 100 players who are ready to play and places you and those players in a plane, which takes different routes around the map each time, and you have the option to land anywhere you want with or without your team. Once you land, you only have a knife in your hand and begin looting houses and other locations for bandages, weapons, and other necessary items that will help you shoot your enemies and rescue yourself. There is a safe zone marked with a circle that shrinks after a certain time, and you must run and stay in that circle to stay alive. Essentially, your main goal is to win by staying alive at the end, with or without shooting anyone in the safer zone.

CALL OF DUTY (COD) For Android/iOS Latest Version Update


This is another mode in which you select any mode such as Gun Game, One Shot One Kill, or Capture The Flag and play in a given time, they provide you with a special weapon once you reach a certain point in a given time called Score streaks, for example, if you select Gun Game, once the game starts you and your teammates will be given a simple weapon and after killing your one enemies one by one they will replace your weapon with better weapon every time you kill, this will continue until you die.


This mode includes zombies in the game who pursue and attempt to kill you. There are two times day and night; during the day, you will look for loot and items that will help you during the night, when you will encounter zombies. To win the game, you must survive for three or five nights with your teammates.

CALL OF DUTY (COD) For Android/iOS Latest Version Update


American, German, Russian, and other weapons are available to players in this game. Among these weapons are:

  • Kar98k (maximum 125 ammo) (long range) (damage: very high)
  • (maximum ammo: 300) (range: medium-long) (damage: high)
  • Thompson (maximum ammo capacity: 360) (range: medium) (damage: medium)
  • Sten (max 320 ammo) (short range) (damage: low)
  • Grenades

In short, this is a free video game that is very simple to play; it can be installed to your Android or iOS device if you have enough storage space.

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